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The National Assembly Session has been prorogued on Wednesday, the 10th July, 2024
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UNDP Delegations calls on Convener Parliamentary Taskforce on SDGs - July 18, 2024

Islamabad; 18th July 2024; United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Delegation comprising Regional Advisor – UNDP Ms. Najia Hashemee, Chief Technical Advisor – SELP Ms. Mary Cummins, Deputy Chief Technical Advisor - SELP Mr. Ali Al-Bayati, & Program Advisor Mr. M. Qasim Janjua – SELP called on the Hon. Convener Parliamentary Taskforce on Sustainable Development Goals Mr. Bilal Azhar Kayani today at the SDGs Secretariat, Parliament House, Islamabad.

The Delegation briefed the Convener regarding the particular interest of UNDP in providing assistance and facilitation to the Parliamentary Taskforce in SDG Goal 5 – Gender Equality, SDG Goal 10 – Reduced Inequalities & SDG Goal 16 – Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions along with plans of initiation of a 5-year plan titled, "Integrated Governance Inclusion Program" to begin in January, 2025 and conclude in December, 2029.

Convener SDGs Mr. Bilal Azhar Kayani, during the meeting, elaborated on the future plans of the Parliamentary Taskforce on SDGs and the 4 sub-groups created under the Parliamentary Task Force by dividing the 17 SDG goals into 4 categories defined by the United Nations itself to ensure dedicated and effective pursuance of the 17 SDGs related to the betterment, welfare and promotion of People, Prosperity, Planet (Earth) and a clubbed category of Peace & Partnerships. Each of the sub-group has a sub-convener, belonging from each of the 4 large parliamentary political parties, each gender & both houses of Parliament to ensure further bi-partisanship & gender-equality.

The UNDP delegation expressed confidence in the Convenorship of Mr. Bilal Azhar Kayani and agreed to extend assistance and support in maintaining a meaningful working relation with various UN Departments and in conducting, participating and facilitating, the Parliamentary Taskforce on SDGs, in a series of sessions aimed at knowledge-building and capacity building of MPs to equip them with knowledge required for meaningful contributions in the legislative process and parliamentary committee meetings related to the attainment of the 17 SDGs, which are also a part of Pakistan’s National Agenda.

National Assembly Standing Committee on Energy (Power Division) meets - July 11, 2024

Islamabad, 11th July, 2024: The Honourable Minister for Power Division has apprised the National Assembly Standing Committee on Energy (Power Division) that the Power Division is making concerted efforts to reduce the price of electricity by increasing Anti-Theft Campaigns and reducing line losses.

2nd meeting of the Standing Committee on Energy (Power Division) was held today at 11:00 a.m. in the Parliament House, Islamabad, under the Chairmanship of Mr. Muhammad Idrees, MNA.

Secretary, Ministry of Energy (Power Division) briefed the Committee on working and performance of the Ministry and its attached departments. The Secretary informed that the power division deals with the matters relating to development of power resources of the country, Electric Utilities, Liaison with International Engineering Organization in power Sector, Federal Agencies and Institutions for promotion of special studies in power sector etc. He further apprised that the Ministry has plans for Development of large scale ARE projects including hydro power projects, Local manufacturing of solar panels and Solarization of Agriculture Tube wells.

The Honourable Minister for Power Division has informed that the Power Division is making concerted efforts to reduce the price of electricity by increasing Anti-Theft Campaigns and reducing line losses. While discussing the matter raised by Mr. Muhammad Iqbal regarding the disconnection, overbilling and unannounced load shedding of electricity in erstwhile FATA, the Minister for Power Division apprised the Committee that subsidy of 65 billion rupees has been granted to the erstwhile FATA in the current budget. The Committee directed the Peshawar Electric Supply Company to give detailed briefing on the said matter in the next meeting of the Committee.

Besides Minister for Power Division, Sardar Awais Ahmad Khan Leghari the meeting was attended by MNAs; Dr. Tariq Fazal Chaudhary, Raja Qamer ul Islam, Chaudhry Naseer Ahmed Abbas, Rana Muhammad Hayat Khan, Mr. Khurshid Ahmed Junejo, Syed Waseem Hussain, Mr. Junaid Akbar, Malik Anwar Taj, Mr. Sher Ali Arbab, Haji Imtiaz  Ahmed Chaudhry and Mr. Ali Afzal Sahi. Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Khan, MNA/Mover was also present in the meeting. The senior officers from the Ministry of Energy (Power Division) and its attached departments also attended the meeting.

The NA Session has been prorogued - July 10, 2024

National Assembly session has been summoned - July 8, 2024

Standing Committee on Aviation meets - July 8, 2024


Islamabad, 08th July, 2024; 2nd meeting of the Standing Committee on Aviation was held today under the Chairmanship of Nawabzada Iftikhar Ahmed Khan Babar, MNA at 11:00 A.M. in Committee Room No. 02, Parliament House, Islamabad.

2) The Committee was informed that the privatization process of PIAC is almost completed. The CAA currently operates 22 out of 43 airports, including 13 international ones, and has been experiencing budget constraints on the development side for several years. As a result, the CAA is using second-generation equipments, whereas developed countries are utilizing the latest third- generation equipments. The Committee also emphasized the need to improve the quality of food service and the behavior of Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) staff towards passengers in order to enhance the overall travel experience.

3) Furthermore, the Committee was briefed that the Pakistan Meteorological Department's (PMD) has planned to install five new radars in Quetta, Dera Ismail Khan, Cherat, Gwadar, and Lahore. Moreover, 3 mobile radars and 300 automatic weather stations were also be installed under World Bank funded Hydromet Project. The Committee was also informed that Pakistan Disaster Management (PDM) is developing a Kisan Mobile application aims to provide farmers and other state departments with early weather forecasts and flood warnings.

4) Additionally, the Committee expressed concerns about the cracks in the aircraft parking area at Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore. In response, the CAA acknowledged the issue and reported that the work has been awarded and is currently underway. The Committee also raised concerns about the appointment of aero-medical staff and the licensing of pilots and recommended that the relevant authorities submit a comprehensive report on these matters.

5) The following MNAs namely Mr. Aqeel Malik, Dr. Darshan, Choudhary Iftikhar Nazir, Mr. Ramesh Lal, Mr. Abdul Aleem Khan, Ms. Munaza Hassan, Mr. Saleem Rehman, Haji Imtiaz Ahmed Choudhry, Mr. Ihsan Ullah Virk, Mr. Muhammad Saad Ullah, Mr. Usman Ali besides the officials of the Ministry attended the meeting.

UNFPA Representative, Dr. Luay Shabaneh calls on the Convener SDGs, Hon. Bilal Azhar Kayani,"Pakistan the 5th most populous country worldwide: provision of health, education and housing facilities; priority of incumbent government" says Convener Bila - July 4, 2024

Islamabad: 4th July 2024: United Nations Population Fund Representative in Pakistan, Dr. Luay Shabaneh calls on the Convener of the Parliamentary Taskforce on SDGs, Hon. Bilal Azhar Kayani at the Parliament House, today.

The Convener informed the Representative with the progress and developments of the Parliamentary Taskforce regarding the re-evaluation and re-designing of the SDGs progress tracking mechanism, the suggestions received from the Chief of SDGs at the Ministry of Planning & Development, the collaborations & agreements drawn upon the visit of the UN Pakistan Resident Coordinator along with the issue of population growth due to which the resources and service delivery mechanism for better health, quality education, food production and housing have become a challenge.

Both sides focused on alleviation of the problems arising in the provision of quality education, health services, food production and housing due to the unanticipated increase in the population of Pakistan.

Dr. Luay Shabaneh expressed faith in the vision of Hon. Convener and reaffirmed his commitment on behalf of the UNFPA to extend complete support, assistance, and facilitation to the Parliamentary Taskforce on SDGs in the implementation and accomplishment of the 17 SDGs.

Notifications (WPC) - June 28, 2024

Orders of the Day issued by the National Assembly Secretariat on 24th June, 2024 will remain same for the transaction of Business on 28th June, 2024 - June 27, 2024

Orders of the Day issued by the National Assembly Secretariat on 24th June, 2024 will remain same for the transaction of Business on 27th June, 2024 - June 26, 2024

Orders of the Day issued by the National Assembly Secretariat on 24th June, 2024 will remain same for the transaction of Business on 26th June, 2024 - June 25, 2024

Cancellation of Recruitment Process in the National Assembly Secretariat - June 10, 2024

The NA Session has been summoned - June 5, 2024

Two-Day Workshop for Parliamentary Reporters on - June 4, 2024

Islamabad, June 4, 2024: The Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Services (PIPS) hosted a two-day workshop in Islamabad for members of the Parliamentary Reporters Association of Pakistan (PRAP) on Parliamentary Proceedings and Budget Processes. This workshop, approved by Speaker of the National Assembly Sardar Ayaz Sadiq, aimed to equip journalists with the financial and technical knowledge needed to effectively report on the Budget Process and House Proceedings, and to refresh their understanding of parliamentary ethics and media coverage procedures.

The workshop featured speakers including veteran parliamentary reporter Hafiz Tahir Khalil, Special Secretary National Assembly Mr. Muhammad Mushtaq, Special Secretary National Assembly Secretariat Syed Shamoon Hashmi, former Chairman PEMRA and journalist Mr. Absaar Alam, Director of the Finance Ministry Mr. Adnan Azeem, Director General of Media National Assembly Secretariat Mr. Zafar Sultan Khan and Journalist Shehbaz Rana, among others.

Sessions focused on the role of parliamentary reporters in ensuring responsible, transparent, and ethical reporting, detailed the stages and technical aspects of the annual budget, and emphasized the importance of maintaining the dignity of the Parliament while reporting from the Press Gallery.

The speakers shared anecdotes and engaged in interactive discussions, using case studies from various democratic countries to illustrate the roles, limitations, and responsibilities of parliamentary reporters.

Additionally, contemporary issues and challenges faced by Parliamentary Reporters and Media Representatives were discussed in detail during Q&A sessions. International best practices were also examined to address these challenges.

PRAP President Mr. Usman congratulated the National Assembly Secretariat and PIPS for organizing this informative and interactive workshop.

The concluding session was honored by Chief Guest State Minister for Finance Mr. Ali Pervaiz Malik. He highlighted the federal government's commitment to overcome all challenges faced by the country, especially on the economic front, emphasizing that the upcoming budget would reflect these priorities. He stressed the importance of comprehensive budget reporting to provide the public with a complete picture and linked the country's inclusive socioeconomic progress to collective efforts.

At the end of the training session, certificates of appreciation were awarded to the workshop participants.



Delegation from Germany visits Parliament - May 20, 2024

Islamabad: May 20, 2024 – A 20 - member delegation from Global Bridges, a non-profit organization based in the Federal Republic of Germany, today, visited Parliament House, Islamabad. The delegation included German entrepreneurs, academics, intellectuals, doctors, and other professionals, led by Dr. Hans Albrecht. The visit was aimed to gain first hand knowledge of the parliamentary functions of Pakistan.

The Special Secretary (Special Initiatives) Syed Shamoon Hashmi provided an in-depth briefing on Pakistan's parliamentary system, covering its functions and history. He also apprised the delegation about National Assembly's functions, Standing Committees, and Special Parliamentary Forums, including the Sustainable Development Goals, Women Parliamentary Caucus, Young Parliamentary Forum, Parliamentary Caucus on Child Rights. The delegation appreciated the comprehensive presentation and engaged in a Q&A session.

The delegation also toured the National Assembly Hall and other areas of the Parliament and were highly appreciative of the pictorial display of Pakistan's political and parliamentary history, among other things.


اسلام آباد: 20 مئی 2024: وفاقی جمہوریہ جرمنی کی غیر سرکاری تنظیم گلوبل برجز کے 20 رکنی وفد نے آج پارلیمنٹ ہاؤس اسلام آباد کا دورہ کیا۔ اس وفد میں جرمن کاروباری افراد، ماہرین تعلیم، دانشور، ڈاکٹرز، اور مختلف شعبوں سے تعلق رکھنے والے افراد شامل تھے، جن کی قیادت ڈاکٹر ہانس البرچٹ کر رہے تھے۔ اس دورے کا مقصد پاکستان کے پارلیمانی امور کے بارے میں آگاہی حاصل کرنا تھا۔

سپیشل سیکرٹری (خصوصی اقدامات) سید شمعون ہاشمی نے وفد کو پاکستان کے پارلیمانی نظام کی تفصیلی بریفنگ دی۔ انہوں نے وفد کو قومی اسمبلی کے امور، قائمہ کمیٹیوں، اور خصوصی پارلیمانی فورمز کے بارے میں بھی آگاہ کیا، جن میں پائیدار ترقی کے اہداف، خواتین پارلیمانی کاکس، ینگ پارلیمانی فورم، اور پارلیمانی کاکس آن چائلڈ رائٹس شامل ہیں۔ وفد نے اس جامع بریفنگ کو سراہا اور قومی اسمبلی کے امور پر سوال و جواب کا سیشن بھی منعقد ہوا۔

وفد نے قومی اسمبلی ہال اور پارلیمنٹ کے دیگر حصوں کا بھی دورہ کیا اور پاکستان کی سیاسی اور پارلیمانی تاریخ کی تصویری ریکارڈ کی تعریف کی۔

The NA Session has been summoned - May 11, 2024

The National Assembly Session has been prorogued on Monday, the 29th April, 2024 - April 29, 2024

The NA Session has been summoned - April 18, 2024

The Majlis-e-Shoora Session has been prorogued on Thursday, the 18th April, 2024 - April 18, 2024

The President has been pleased to summon both Houses to assemble together in the Parliament House - April 15, 2024

The Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament) in Joint Sitting has been summoned - April 9, 2024

The NA Session has been summoned - April 5, 2024

The National Assembly Session has been prorogued on Monday, the 1st April, 2024 - April 1, 2024

The NA Session has been summoned - March 26, 2024

Special Secretary (Legislation) NA, Mr. Muhammad Mushtaq conferred with Presidential Award, Tamgha-e-Imtiaz in acknowledgment of his services. - March 23, 2024

Governor of Punjab, Muhammad Baligh ur Rehman presented Tamgha-e-Imtiaz to Special Secretary (legislation) Mr. Muhammad Mushtaq on behalf of the President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, for his praise-worthy performance.
Speaker NA Sardar Ayaz Sadiq & Deputy Speaker NA Syed Ghulam Mustafa Shah congratulated Special Secretary NA, Muhammad Mushtaq on receiving the Presidential Award.
Speaker stated that National Assembly is the most supreme institution of the country and its Officers and Officials are its valuable assets. The Officers of this Institution are considered as quite distinguished, due to the experience they gain overtime. Speaker expressed these views while felicitating the Special Secretary on achieving Tamgha-e-Imtiaz. It is pertinent to mention that the President announced to present the Presidential Award to Special Secretary, Muhammad Mushtaq on the occasion of 76th Independence Day of Pakistan.
Furthermore, Speaker stated that competent and dutiful officers like Muhammad Mushtaq are a shining beacon for other officers and staff, as every officer and official should strive for excellence.
Speaker praised Muhammad Mushtaq for enhancing the efficiency of the institution by his praise-worthy efforts in the Legislation Wing. He further stated, NA is proud of his outstanding performance and his services to the institution and the country.
Furthermore, Speaker expressed hope by stating that Officers & Officials like Muhammad Mushtaq shall continue to serve in the best interest of National Assembly and the country.
Special Secretary Muhammad Mushtaq also received immense praise from Deputy Speaker NA Syed Ghulam Mustafa Shah on receiving the Presidential Award. Deputy Speaker NA further stated that dedicated and determined Officers like Muhammad Mushtaq serve as role models for others.
Secretary General National Assembly, Tahir Hussain also felicitated Special Secretary Muhammad Mushtaq on being bestowed with the Presidential Award, Tamgha-e-Imtiaz. He further acknowledged his valuable services and stated that Muhammad Mushtaq has made immense contributions in the Legislation Wing during his service at the National Assembly.
It should be noted that Muhammad Mushtaq courteously imparted his experience and knowledge during national and international workshops among participants regarding Legislation, Parliamentary Procedures and Rules of Business. Muhammad Mushtaq rightfully received the Presidential Award due to his commitment, willfulness and devotion, for which he has earned the acknowledgment of all officers and other staff members of National Assembly who congratulate him on his great achievement and wish him well.


The NA Session has been prorogued - March 15, 2024

Nomination papers for Prime minister of Pakistan/ Leader of the House submitted in The office of Secretary National Assembly of Pakistan - March 2, 2024

Islamabad: 2nd March 2024; Nomination papers for Prime Minister of Pakistan/ Leader of the House has been submitted in the office of Secretary General of National Assembly of Pakistan. The nomination papers in respect of MNA Main Muhammad Shahbaz were proposed by MNAs Syed Khursheed Ahmad Shah, Khawaja Muhammad Asif, Mr. Tariq Bashir Cheema, Rana Tanvir Hussain, Dr. Tariq Fazal Chaudhary, Sardar Muhammad Yousaf Zaman, Mr. Attaullah Tarrar, Mr. Abdul Aleem Khan and seconded by MNAs Ms. Romina Khursheed Alam, Ms. Shaza Fatima Khawaja, Sardar Awais Ahmed Khan Laghari, Mr. Ahsan Iqbal, Mr. Kessoo Mal Kheel Das, Ms. Anusha Rahman Khan, Mr. M. Hanif Abbasi, Mr. Jamal Shah Kakar.

The nomination papers of Mr. Omar Ayub Khan for Prime Minister of Pakistan/ Leader of the House was proposed by MNAs Barrister Gohar Ali Khan, Mr. Asad Qaiser, Mr. Riaz Khan Fatyana, Mr. Umair Khan Niazi and seconded by MNAs Mr. Mohammad Sanaullah Khan Mastikhel, Mr. Ali Khan Jadoon, Mr. Mujahid Ali and Malik Mohammad Amir Dogar.

The process of scrutinize the nomination papers would be completed today till 3 PM. Secretary General National Assembly Mr. Tahir Hussain, Special Secretary Muhammad Mushtaq and Syed Shamoon Hashmi were also present on the occasion.

The Programme for oath by Members-elect and the Election to the office of the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly - February 29, 2024

Election of the Prime Minister - February 29, 2024

The National Assembly shall meet on Thursday, the 29th February, 2024 at 10:00 a.m. in the Parliament House, Islamabad - February 28, 2024

قومی اسمبلی سیکرٹریٹ کی جانب سے قومی اسمبلی کے کل ہونے والے افتتاحی اجلاس میں مہمانوں کے لیے جاری کردہ اپر وزیٹر گیلری کے کارڈ منسوخ - February 28, 2024

قومی اسمبلی سیکرٹریٹ کی جانب سے قومی اسمبلی کے کل مورخہ 29 فروری، 2024 بروزِ جمعرات کو منعقد ہونے والے افتتاحی اجلاس کے لیے جاری ہونے والے مہمانوں کے لیے اپر وزیٹر گیلری کے کارڈ سیکیورٹی وجوہات کے پیش نظر منسوخ کر دیے گئے ہیں۔

مزید برآں نومنتخب معزز ممبران سے درخواست ہے کہ وہ قومی اسمبلی سیکرٹریٹ کی جانب سے جاری کردہ کارڈ اپنے ہمراہ لائیں۔قومی اسمبلی ہال میں داخلے کے لیے قومی اسمبلی کی جانب سے اراکین کو جاری کردہ کارڈ ہمراہ لانا ضروری ہے۔

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