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The National Assembly Session has been prorogued on Wednesday, the 10th July, 2024
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( July 29 - August 2, 2019 )




It is my profound privilege to welcome honorable Parliamentarians and experts from the South Asian region, Federal and Provincial legislatures of Pakistan alongside observers from various parts of the world to the 5th CPA Asia Regional Conference, 2019 in Islamabad. The Conference from July 29 to August 2, 2019 has been organized by the National Assembly of Pakistan with the aim to enhance parliamentary linkages in the region. The theme of the Conference – “Envisioning Parliamentary Paths towards a Diverse ad Developed South Asia” represents the earnest desire of the Parliament of Pakistan to collaborate with legislatures from the South Asian region to come together on a single platform for the common good of our people. In this regard, keen participation by member parliaments is most heartening and a sign of their commitment towards strengthening democratic processes and supporting Pakistan’s effort of bringing regional legislatures closer.

The South Asian region is a mosaic of diverse cultures, languages, religions, norms and traditions. However, in this diversity exists the common thread of shared history, combined struggles and collective accomplishments that binds the people of this region together. I am, therefore, of the firm view that the scope of opportunities to collaborate and work on common agenda is endless. As representative of people, we are mandated to work together to realize the dream of a democratic, inclusive and peaceful South Asia. In this regard, we must not leave any stone unturned to ensure that the collective benefits of democracy are reaped by our peoples. 

During the past years, Parliaments have dramatically extended their role and circle of interest in the field of international and regional cooperation. It is merely a question of the will of the polity to recognize democracy as the basis of diplomacy and relationship building in the region. It is high time that the South Asian legislatures join hands to attain and sustain democratic stability in the region and ensure that the common ingredients for stabilizing democracy are enshrined, observed, practiced and maintained. I, therefore, believe that this conference is a befitting step to identify the stance of international parliamentarians and experts on issues related to poverty eradication in South Asia, women in politics, youth inclusive democracy and parliamentary partnership for sustainable development goals.

It is my firm belief that joint parliamentary sessions like the 5th CPA Asia Regional Conference are extremely important avenues to engage nations to come together for common good. I am confident that our joint effort to boost parliamentary diplomacy and cooperation shall contribute to the Asian dream of inclusive, participatory and peaceful democracy. I wish the distinguished participants all the best and pray for their accomplishment in this collective cause of ours.

 Asad Qaiser
Speaker, National Assembly of Pakistan



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