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The Sitting of the National Assembly has been adjourned to meet again on Thursday, the 19th September, 2019 at 11:00 a.m. Committee Meetings:02:00 PM: 6th Meeting of the Sub-Committee-VI of the Public Accounts Committee (Revised)(Re-Revised) at Committee Room No. 2, Parliament House, Islamabad |
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Deputy Speaker's Press Release

Deputy Speaker National Assembly Raises Kashmir issue in SDGs Summit and Apprises the Participants about the Unconstitutional Steps and Atrocities by Indian Government on Kashmiris - September 1, 2019

Islamabad September 1, 2019: Deputy speaker  National Assembly Qasim Khan Suri while addressing the 4th South Asia SDGs speakers conference being held in Male, Maldives today raised the Kashmir issue and apprised the conference about the illegal and unconstitutional steps of Indian government and atrocities being committed on innocent Kashmiri people according to a message received from Maldives.

The deputy speaker informed the conference about the illegal annexation of state of Jammu and Kashmir through unconstitutional measures by the Indian government. He apprised the participants about the inhuman attitude meted by the Indian forces with innocent Kashmiri people including children and women. He said that the entire valley had been converted in a heavily militarised zone and people were being stopped to perform their religious obligations. He said that means of communication had been disconnected aggravating the agony of the people. He urged upon the international community to raise the Kashmir issue at appropriate level and assert pressure on India for its resolution in accordance with the UN resolutions and aspiration of Kashmiri people.

The deputy speaker stressed upon the south Asian countries to support Kashmiri people for their just struggle for self determination under the auspicious of United Nations. He reiterated Pakistan’s stance for morally and diplomatically supporting Kashmiri people. He warned that the attitude of India towards Kashmir issue was putting the peace and development in South Asia at stake.

The Indian delegation led by speaker lok Sabha protested and tried to interrupt deputy speaker speech however their attempt went unheeded and deputy speaker continued his speech and victoriously apprised the conference about the worst situation in Kashmir.

Government is making serious efforts for the implementation of National Language. Deputy Speaker National Assembly - August 5, 2019

NA Standing Committee on House and Library meets - August 2, 2019



Islamabad: 2nd August, 2019.The Deputy Speaker National Assembly Qasim Khan Suri has said that construction of the additional family suites and servants quarters  in the Parliament’s Lodges  must be carried forward as this project was started in the 2011 and still not completed. The House and library Committee members and the chair while expressing serious reservation over the inordinate delay in constriction of this project said that the cost of the project is increasing day by day besides, the difficulties faced by the Parliamentarians due to non-completion of this project. He expressed these views while chairing the meeting of the National Assembly Standing Committee on House and Library at Parliament House on Friday.  

The Deputy Speaker said that Urdu language is our national language and its promotion in letter and spirit must be our priority. While emphasizing the importance of Urdu language he said that all the proceedings, notices and reports of this Standing Committee must be in Urdu language onward along with its English version. He directed the CDA and other concerned to apprise the Committee in Urdu language. He also said that it would be first initiative of this kind and it must be implemented in practice.

The Deputy Speaker also directed the CDA to take proper measures for the cleanliness and security of the Parliament Lodges. He also directed the Chairman CDA to properly follow the project of construction of Parliament Lodges and family suites as the re-tender for this project must be followed by CDA in professional manner. In order to improve the services in the Lodges he directed for reshuffling of the staff of CDA deputed in the Parliament Lodges who were deputed there for more than three years.

The committee members expressed their reservations over the presence of irrelevant individuals roaming in the parliament lodges. The chair ordered the CDA to maintain proper record of each and every individual entering in to the parliament lodges. The committee members also pointed out that the maintenance work carried out in the parliament lodges and MNAs Hostel is of substandard quality and it needs to be improved. The Deputy Speaker directed the CDA to make it essential that completion certificate regarding maintenance must be signed by the allottee of respective family suites. As per committee decision he directed to expedite the process of vacating the illegal occupied lodges and the due report must be presented in the next meeting. The Chairman CDA ensured the house that professional approach will be taken to eliminate the issues of the Honourable members faced by them in the lodges.

The Committee was attended by Honourable MNAs Mr. Murtaza Javed Abbasi  Ms.Wajiha Akram, Ms. Munawara Bibi Baloch, Ms. Rubina Irfan, Ms Musarat Asid Khawaja, Ms.Nasiba , Senior officers of the National Assembly Secretariat and the Chairman CDA along with allied staff.

Collaborative Efforts By Muslim Ummah, Imperative For Stopping Atrocities And Human Rights Abuses By Israel: Says Qasim Khan Suri, Na Deputy Speaker - June 28, 2019

Islamabad June 28, 2019: Deputy Speaker National Assembly Mr. Qasim Khan Suri has strongly condemned the atrocities and worst human rights violations by Israeli forces on innocent Palestinian citizens. He has reiterated Pakistan parliament support to the cause of Palestine liberation. He said this in a meeting with a 3-member delegation led by President of Al-Quds Parliament Mr. Hamid Abdullah Hussein Al-Ahmar, in Islamabad this morning.
    The Deputy Speaker said that Pakistan had always stood with Palestinian people in the hour of adversities and atrocities by Israelites expansionist regimes. He said that International community should assert its pressure on Israel to end oppression and worst human rights abuses against the innocent Palestinian people specially women and children. He said that liberation of Kashmir and Palestine were longstanding unresolved issues that needed to be taken holistically and collaborative efforts at international level were imperative by the whole Muslim community. He also condemned the forceful recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital.
    Mr. Qasim Khan Suri said that the integrity of Al-Quds and sacred feelings attached with the place makes the cause of people of Palestine more urgent and demands the attention of the whole Muslim community. He informed that the people in Pakistan, its Parliament, government and media were always on the same page that Palestinian and Kashmiri people’s liberation must be on the top priority agenda at all international forum to be resolved as per aspirations of the people. He agreed for regular parliamentary interaction to give momentum to the resolution of outstanding issues.
    President of Al-Quds Parliament Mr. Hamid Abdullah Hussein Al-Ahmar appreciated the support, Parliament and Pakistani people have been extending for the just cause of Palestine. He said that both Kashmir and Palestine issues were almost the same in the nature and needed to be resolved. He said that Palestinian People and the government were grateful for parliamentary and diplomatic support extended by the Government and people of Pakistan at all regional and international forums.

Deputy Speaker expresses grave concern over unannounced load shedding in Balochistan - June 24, 2019

Islamabad; June 24, 2019: Deputy Speaker Mr. Qasim Khan Suri has taken strong notice of the unannounced and prolonged load shedding in Quetta and other parts of Balochistan. He has directed for immediate steps to address the situation. He made these observations in a meeting with Chief Executive Officer of Quetta Electric Supply Company Mr. Atta Ullah Bhutta, in Parliament House, on Monday.

The Deputy Speaker said that present government believed in public service and ensuring prompt and uninterrupted supply of electricity was on its top priority. He said that due to prolonged load shedding the people of province were facing great hardships. He said that frequent breakdowns and fluctuation had become a regular feature in Quetta due to faulty electricity infrastructure and lives of the inhabitant of City have been badly affected due electric breakdown and load shedding.

The Deputy Speaker stressed the need for immediate action against theft of electricity. He said that strict action against power thieves should be taken without discrimination. He also asked for recovery of outstanding dues of electricity. 

The Chief Executive Officer, Quetta Electric Supply Company assured the Deputy Speaker that his direction would be complied with. He informed that the problems identified by him would be addressed besides instant decrease in timing of load shedding by three hours in Quetta with immediate effect.

Parliamentary Interaction is The Only Panacea for Socio-Economic Challenges Faced By The World: NA Deputy Speaker - May 27, 2019

Islamabad 27th May, 2019: Qasim Khan Suri Deputy Speaker has said that the incumbent government agenda is welfare and prosperity for common people in the country and support of friendly like Australia and international cooperation can enhance this cause. He said that Pakistan and Australia enjoys cordial relations and parliamentary interaction between both nations can ensure prosperity and welfare for people in the Pakistan. He expressed these views while meeting with Ms. Margaret Adamson, Australian High Commissioner to Pakistan in the Parliament House on Monday.

While remarking the incumbent government’s priority for economic development he stressed on the need to enhance bilateral trade, business and increasing the opportunities for Pakistani Youth in Australian universities for getting higher Education. He also mentioned that this is an era of knowledge based economies and Education can only solve challenges faced by countries.  He sought cooperation of Australian High Commissioner and Australian government for facilitating educated youth belonging to deprived region like Baluchistan for attaining higher education in Australia. He stressed on the need of expansion of economic relations through sustained engagement of chambers of commerce and other business forums. He appreciated Australian’s sport in water and agriculture sectors. 

Ms. Margaret Adamson Australian High Commissioner applauded the public friendly agenda of the present government and said that her government is willing to cooperate to enhance this agenda of development for common people in Pakistan. She said that Australia attached great importance to its relations with Pakistan and wanted to further strengthening the existing relations trough enhanced Parliamentary and economic cooperation.  She said that Australian businessman and trade firms are keen to invest in Pakistan keeping in view the investment friendly environment. She also informed the Deputy Speaker about the various steps taken by Australia to overcome the water scarcity in Baluchistan. She said that long standing partnership exist between Australia and Pakistan in fields of water and agriculture and Pakistan can benefited from Australian experiences in field water.     

Deputy Speaker National Assembly Mr. Qasim Khan Suri planting a sapling on the occasion of plantation event - April 13, 2019

Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan ensures cultural and Religious freedom to all minorities living in Pakistn: NA Deputy Speaker - April 10, 2019

Islamabad 10th April 2019; Qasim Khan Suri Deputy Speaker National Assembly has said that the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan ensures cultural, religious and economic freedom to all minorities living in Pakistan. He said that all citizens in Pakistan enjoy equal rights irrespective of their believes and cultural differences. He said that Pakistan is a home of different civilization where people of diverse religions were living peacefully. He expressed these views while addressing the minority youth delegation which met him under the leadership of Member Provincial Assembly Khyber Paktunkhwa Mr. Wazir Zada at Parliament House on Wednesday. The delegation comprise of Christian, Hindu, Sikh, and People of Kalash Youth belonging to KPK.

Deputy Speaker said that the role of minorities in the socio-economic development of the country is of crucial importance and they are serving the nation in all spheres of life. He said that we all are citizens of one country that is Pakistan. He stressed the need to work hard consistently for eradicating the social evils like poverty, ignorance and economic deprivation from the society. He appreciated the unity of all members of the society especially minorities during recent escalation with India. He expressed his commitment that all due rights will be provided to minorities. He said that region needs peace and stability not war mongering steps like India. “Our real challenges are economic deprivation, ignorance and hunger and we need to tackle them at all cost”, he added.

Qasim Khan Suri that Modi regime in India is bent upon to create mayhem and destruction in the region just for winning election. He said that India is using cheap tactics to divert the attention of its public from real issues. However, the response of the incumbent leadership under the Premier ship of P.M Khan has been of restraint and  Pakistan has made clear that it want peace and prosperity in the region not war and conflict. He appreciated the role of minorities in all socio-economic domains.

The delegation members commended the present government’s efforts for inclusion of the minorities in all socio-economic activities. Mr. Muhammad Mushtaq, Additional Secretary National Assembly, briefed the delegation regarding basic articles of the constitution which are related with the basic rights of the minorities and formation and function of National Assembly and its Standing Committees.

The youth will have to struggle hard to overcome the expectations of the nation: Deputy Speaker NA - April 4, 2019


The Education For All is The Only Mean to Counter The Challagnes Faced By the Country:NA Deputy Speaker - April 3, 2019

Islamabad 3rd April 2019; Deputy Speaker National Assembly Qasim Khan Suri  has said that education for all is the only way to tackle socio-economic issues and other challenges the country being faced at present including extremisms, terrorism and sectarianism. He said that it is an era of knowledge based  economy and no society can develop without knowledge and information. He also said that incumbet government under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran khan is taking special measures to refrom the education system and to bring it upto modern standards. He expressed these views while addressing the Seminar on “Reforming Education Sector of Pakistan ,and our Social Responsibility” organized by National Council of Social Welfare at Islamabad on Wednesday.

He said that Islam stresses education for all especially educating the girls because a woman educated means the whole society is educated. He mentioned that present government is taking practicle steps to refrom the education system in the country and is fully cognizant of its responsibility for imparting education. He stressed that 100% enrolment should be realized by the incumbent government by lessening the drop out rate. He metioned  the slogan of “ Each one – Teach one” to be followed . While stressing on the need of spreading education he said that we all have to strive  with commitment, honesy and hard work to spread education for all because it is the only way of development of the country.  He appreciated the  efforts of National Council of Social Welfare for organizing seminar on such important matter and stressed the need to enrol  the trash pickers and child labor on priortity. Deputy Speaker also urged the need to incorporate Islamic values and teaching with in the curriculum in accordance with the ideology of Islam.

Dr. Nadeem Malik Chairman  National Council of Social Welfare expressed his gratitud for the Deputy Speaker to attend this seminar and  appreciated the present government’s concern to spread education for all. 

He said that National Council of Social Welfare  is playing a role of creating bridge among different voluntary social welfare organizations to consolidate their efforts for bringing positive change in the society. The seminar was attended by Parliamentary Secretary for Religious Affairs Aftab Jahangir, Parliamentary Secretary for Kashmir Affairs Ms. Sobia Kamal, renowned educationists, representatives of civil society, Senior Officers of Federal Ministries and large number of students of different educational institutions.

Women are matchless asset of this nation and have potentials to change the fate of the country: Deputy Speaker NA - April 2, 2019

Islamabad, April 2, 2019; Deputy Speaker National Assembly Qasim Khan Suri has said that women are matchless asset of this nation and they are capable to change the fate of the country. He said that setting right direction for young women will pave the way for channelizing their potentials into positive socio-economic activities. He also mentioned that women have showed their courage and braveness in all socio-economic spheres in Pakistan. He expressed these views while addressing the delegation of Young Women leadership Conference at Parliament house on Tuesday.

The Deputy Speaker said that the half population in Pakistan is women and it is the responsibility of the state to include this crucial portion of the population into national mainstream. He mentioned that present government is bent upon creating harassment free environment for women at all socio-economic spheres. He also appreciated that young women have surpassed in all social spheres especially in the field of the education at every level. “We are proud of our girls who are excelling in all educational institutions” he added. He advised the young girls to work hard and to make goals for themselves.

While appreciating   contribution of the women parliamentarians he said that there are 68 women parliamentarian in the national Assembly and they are striving hard for protecting the basic women rights at legislation and implementation level He also said that women participation in the field of politics is undeniable and young women leadership conference is providing a right plate forum for women to have exposure regarding the political activities in Pakistan. ‘You are fortunate to be included in the young women leadership conference because your future in the politics will change the fate of the country” he added. He prayed for the bright future of the young girls. He appreciated the efforts of the HRD network for providing this opportunity to 157 girls of all districts across the Pakistan. He also said that women in Baluchistan need special attention of such organizations.

Amina Sadar ,Programme Manager HRDN and other participants expressed their gratitude for providing this opportunity.  She said that bright future of the Pakistan depends upon bright future of the young women and it is women leadership which can bring revolution both at home and country level. The meeting was followed by answer question session. Besides, the participants of young women leadership Conference the meeting was attended by women member of the National Assembly and Senate.

Deputy Speaker NA meets delegation of the Estate Youth Assembly of Azad Kashmir - March 14, 2019

Provision of basic amenities to masses at their doorstep is the foremost priority of incumbent Government. NA Deputy Speaker - February 19, 2019

Islamabad: 19th February 2019; The Deputy Speaker National Assembly Qasim Khan Suri has said that Provision of basicamenities to masses at their doorstep is the foremost priority of incumbent government. And all possible steps are being taken to achieve this objective. He expressed these views while talking to Executive officer Quetta Zafar Mehmood who called on him at ParliamentHouse on Tuesday.The matters pertaining to beautification, cleanliness, sanitation and transfer of property in Quetta Cantonment area where discussed during the meeting.

The Deputy Speaker directed the Executive Officer Quetta Cantonment board to resolve the problems being faced by the residents of cantonment area on priority basis and gave special attention to proper arrangements on cleanliness and sanitation in the area. He said that incumbent government was taking keen interest in development of Balochistan and substantial funds have been allocated for this purpose. He directed the Executive Officer Quetta Cantonment Board to ensure provision of clean drinking water in the area. He assured his all-outsupport to resolve the problems faced by the inhabitants of Cantonment board, Quetta.

On this occasion the Executive Officer Quetta Zafar Mehmoodappraised the Deputy Speaker that management of Cantonment Board Quetta is taking all possible measures to resolve the problems of the inhabitants of the area and ensure up to mark health and cleanliness facilities despite its limited financial resources. He requested for provision of financial assistance for safe drinking water, up gradation of sewerage system and to buy vehicles to dispose-off garbage and litter. Deputy Speaker assured to talk with the concerned authorities and visit the Cantonment area to examine the facilities provided by the Cantonment Board to the residents of the area.

Deputy Speaker National Assembly Condemns Terrorist Attack at DIG Office at Loralai - January 29, 2019

Islamabad: 29 January 2019: Deputy Speaker National Assembly Mr. Qasim Khan Suri has strongly condemned terrorist attack at Deputy Inspector General Police office at Loralai and expressed his heartfelt grief and sorrow over the loss of precious lives.

 In his statement the Deputy Speaker expressed sympathy with the bereaved families and prayed for early recovery of injured. He said that whole Nation is united against terrorism and such heinous attacks could not deter our firm resolve against terrorism. He asked the law enforcing agencies to apprehend criminals involved in this cowardice attack and bring them to justice. He also directed the concerned authorities to provide best medical treatment to injured.

Our Legends and Heroes are the real face of Pakistan: Deputy Speaker NA - January 25, 2019

January 25.2019:  Qasim Khan Suri Deputy Speaker National Assembly of Pakistan appreciated with deep gratitude the achievements of   all the legendary and remarkable Personalities from diverse fields i.e. media, journalism,  Art, Music, Banking and finance, Showbiz,  and other spheres of life. He expressed these views while addressing at the Best Capital Award Distribution Ceremony 2018-2019 at Pakistan National Council of Arts Islamabad. The ceremony was attended by Dr. Anwar Masood, Rasheed Junior, Zakar Olympian, Shahnaz Sheikh and many other legends and celebrities. Senator Faisal Javed was also present on the occasion.

The Deputy Speaker said that these people were the real face of our society and real examples of the prime values of success and achievement in our society. He furtherer added that these legends are recognition of our country and with their remarkable efforts they keep the nation’s flag highest in the world.

Qasim Khan Suri also mentioned that PTI government is the result of consistent efforts of twenty two years struggle and Imran Khan Prime Minister of Pakistan being the best cricket player attached great importance to sports and other fields of recreation.  He mentioned China as an example where socio-economic development is reflected into sports,Art ,Music and other spheres of life. He distributed awards to legends and celberaties like Dr.Anwar Masood, Rasheed Junior, Zakar Olympia and many other legends. He also appreciated efforts of the organizers of the events for organizing such a successful event.

Natural Gas is A Basic Need of The People All Possible Measures Should Be Taken To Ensure Its Uninterrupted Supply NA Deputy Speakers Directs MD SSGCL - December 4, 2018

Islamabad 4 December, 2018: The Deputy Speaker National Assembly Qasim Khan Suri has said that provision of basic amenities to the masses and upgrading standard of their  lives is top priority of the incumbent Government.  He said that Natural Gas is a basic need of the people and all possible measures should be taken to ensure its uninterrupted supply. He expressed these views while talking to Managing Director Sui Southern Gas Company Ltd. (SSGCL) Mr. Muhammad Amin Rajput who called on him at Parliament House on Tuesday. 

The Deputy Speaker expressed his concerned over low sui gas pressure in Quetta and its adjacent areas and distribution of excess sui gas bills to consumers in the city.  He said that the inhabitants of   Quetta city and its adjacent areas were facing great hardships due to low sui gas pressure in the area.  He said that from last several weeks the Sui gas is not available in many parts of city.  He said that due to increase in the population of the city the existing sui gas pipelines are insufficient to meet the requirements of the inhabitants of the area.   He said that hefty bills issued to the consumers by SSGCL was not affordable for them.  He directed the Managing Director SSGCL to resolve the problems of low gas pressure in Quetta City and adjacent areas and modified heavy bills issued to consumers of the city.  He said that it is unfortunate that many areas of Provincial Capital of that Province which supply sui gas across country have deprived of this basic need.   

The Managing Director Sui Southern Gas Company Ltd. (SSGCL) Mr. Muhammad Amin Rajput briefed the Deputy Speaker about the steps taken by the SSGCL to overcome problems of low sui gas pressure in Quetta. He informed that a loop line of 16 and 8 inches dia 17 kms with 4 Nos. from Zarghun road to Satellite Town Quetta will be laid besides new supply transmission pipelines from Sibi Road to Mastung Road. He said that with the completion of these projects the problems of low Gas pressure will be resolved on permanent basis. He further informed the Deputy Speaker that SSGCL was in process of Fixed Billing solution to address the matters regarding excess billing. He assured the Deputy Speaker that Fixed Billing system will not only benefited for the Consumers but also helpful to overcome theft of the gas by tampering of meters and direct use of gas without meter. 

Incumbent Government Strives Hard For Provision Of Quality Education To The Youth Of The Country; NA Deputy Speaker - November 29, 2018

Islamabad November 29, 2018: The Deputy Speaker National Assembly Qasim Khan Suri has said that educated society is imperative for development and prosperity of the country. He said that provision of quality education in the country was one of the highlights of the manifesto of the Tehreek-e-Insaf and the Government was taking steps on priority basis to achieve this goal.  He said that a special task force has been constituted for upgrading the standard of education and implementing uniform syllabus in the country.  He expressed these views while addressing Oath Taking Ceremony of office bearers of Roots International School Student Council, Islamabad here on Thursday.

The Deputy Speaker said that at present the number of children who were not going to school in Pakistan is more than the total population of Australia. “Admit the children those were not going to schools are a herculean task and unfortunately past Government did not give any attention towards this, however, the present Government under the leadership of Imran Khan is committed to bring those children in schools.  He was confident that the Government’s endeavors will be become fruitful very soon.

He said that due to better educational policies of Tehreek-e-Insaf Government in Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa during the last 5 years, more than five lac students shifted from private educational institutions to Government Schools.  He said that implementing of uniform syllabus and providing equal opportunities to all the children is the foremost priority of incumbent Government.

The Deputy Speaker appreciated the role of private educational institutions in imparting quality education in the country. He lauded the contribution of management of Roots International Schools System.  He said that due to its high standard of education more than ten thousand students were studying in Roots International Schools System all over the country.  He stressed the need for religious education besides other disciplines of education.

On this occasion the Principal of Roots International School System of Islamabad thanked Deputy Speaker for extending invitation to the students to visit Parliament House. Apprising the Deputy Speaker about the Metropolitan International University College (MIUC), a project of Roots International, the Principal said that MIUC would prove a milestone in developing leadership for tomorrow to lead the masses.

Later the Deputy speaker administered oath to the newly elected Office bearers of the Student Council of Roots International School, Islamabad.     

Speaker Punjab Assembly Ch. Perviaz Ellahi Calls On Deputy Speaker National Assembly Qasim Khan Suri - November 28, 2018

Islamabad November 28, 2018:  The Speaker Punjab Assembly Ch. Perviaz Ellahi called on Deputy Speaker National Assembly Qasim Khan Suri at Parliament House on Wednesday.  Besides Fateh Khawani for the departed soul of mother of the Deputy Speaker, the matters of mutual interests were discussed in the meeting.

Both the leaders expressed their confidence in the policies of the incumbent Government and agreed to promote close contacts between the legislatures of the country.  The Deputy Speaker said that stability and strengthening of the democratic institutions was imperative to overcome the challenges being faced by the country and to address the problems of the masses. While terming the election of Ch. Perviaz Ellahi as Speaker Punjab Assembly is a good omen.   He said that Ch. Perviaz Ellahi is a veteran political leader under his sagacious leadership the Punjab Assembly will play its constitutional role more effectively than the past Assemblies.  He assured all out cooperation of National Assembly Secretariat and Pakistan Institute of Parliamentary Services (PIPS) in capacity building of staff members of Punjab Assembly.

Earlier the Speaker Punjab Assembly Ch. Perviaz Ellahi condoled the death of mother of the Deputy Speaker Qasim Khan Suri and offered fateh for the solace of departed soul and prayed Almighty Allah to grant fortitude and patience to Deputy Speaker and other members of the family to bear the irreparable loss with equanimity.

The funeral prayer of mother of the Deputy Speaker National Assembly Qasim Khan Soori - November 12, 2018

Islamabad, November 12, 2018:  The funeral prayer of mother of the Deputy Speaker National Assembly Qasim Khan Soori who was died last night will be held at Jamia Masjid Chilten Housing Scheme, Quetta after Zhur Prayer today i.e 12.11.2018 and will be buried in Cantonment graveyard near Askari Check Post Cantt. Quetta.

The Fateh Khawani for the departed soul will be held at Soori House, Chilten Housing Scheme Airport Road, Quetta.

China is Pakistan's Selfless and Trustworthy Friend: NA Deputy Speaker - November 9, 2018

Islamabad, November 9, 2018: The Deputy Speaker National Assembly Qasim Khan Soori  has said that China is Pakistan’s selfless and trustworthy friend and always stood with Pakistan in every thick and thin.  He said that Pakistan was proud of its unique friendship with China. He expressed these views while talking to 15 member delegation of National People’s Congress of China (NPC) which met him under the leadership of Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of NPC Mr. Zhang Chunxian at Parliament House on Friday.

The Deputy Speaker said that peoples of both the countries have great respect and affection for each other.  He said that closed contacts between the Parliaments of two countries could play an important role to promote harmony and bring both the nations more closer.  He appreciated China role in economy and social development of Pakistan.  He said that construction of Gwadar Port and other development projects in Balochistan under China-Pak Economic Corridor (CPEC) was the evidence of China’s keen interest in development of prosperity of Balochistan.   He said that China has status of role model for the world due to its rapid development.  He said that Pakistan wanted to take advantages from Chinese experiences in eradication of corruption and poverty from the country.

The Deputy Speaker said that CPEC project is proof of deep and friendly relations between two countries.  He said that Pakistan has fully focused to complete the CPEC project within earliest possible time.  He expressed the confidence that with the completion of CPEC a new era of progress and prosperity usher in the region.  He appreciated the warm welcome extended to Prime Minister Imran Khan by the Chinese leadership and people during his visit to China.  He expressed the optimism that  new vistas of  development and prosperity  will be opened by the recent visit of Prime Minister Imran to China.   He said that the under leadership of Imran Khan present Government striving hard to eradicate corruption and poverty from the country and strengthening the economy.
The Vice Chairman Standing Committee of NPC Mr  Zhang Chunxian said that relations with Pakistan has significant importance in the foreign policy of China.  He said that Pakistan always supported China on regional and global forums.  He assured all out assistance of Chinese Government for economic development and elimination of poverty and corruption in Pakistan.  He said that role of legislative institutions and political leadership of the country is very important in eradication of corruption and poverty.  Stressing the need for enhanced contacts between the NPC and National Assembly of Pakistan Mr  Zhang Chunxian said that  the closed interaction between the Parliamentarians of both the countries would provide opportunities to learn from each other experiences.

The Parliamentary Staff is the key role to run the proceeding of the Parliament House along with the National Representatives - November 8, 2018

Parliament Considers as Centre Of Democracy in Parliamentary System of Government: NA Deputy Speaker - November 5, 2018

Islamabad November 5, 2018:  The Deputy Speaker National Assembly and Vice President Board of Governors Pakistan Institute of Parliamentary Services (PIPS) Qasim Khan Soori has said that in Parliamentary System of Government Parliament considered centre of democracy.  He said that Parliament is an important constitutional institution for legislation, Government oversight and public representation. He expressed these views while addressing the inaugural ceremony of 5th National Parliamentary Development Course (NPDC) at PIPS on Monday.

The Deputy Speaker said that the role of Parliamentary staff was very important in transaction of parliamentary business. He said that basic responsibility of the Parliamentary staff is to assist the people representatives in legislation, research and other important issues. He said that Parliamentary Staff will assist the Parliamentarian in a better way if they were skillful and have expertise in their profession. He appreciated the initiative of PIPS for holding NPDC and expressed the hope that it will prove beneficial for the participants of the course in performing their duties. He said that only those countries were strong and powerful whose people were well educated and skillful.

The Deputy Speaker said that Parliament is orbit of expectations of the people of the country and people have lot of expectations from the present Parliament. He said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has taken reign of the Government in such difficult circumstances when at one hand the country was facing lot of challenges and at the other hand under burden of 30 thousand billion rupees loan. He said that during the last 10 years loans of 24 billion rupees thousands was taken which was spent on debaucheries of the ruling class and corruption instead of welfare of the people and development of the country. He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan was taking keen interest to pull the country out of crises and strengthening the economy. He expressed the confidence that under the leadership of Imran Khan incumbent Government will succeed to overcome the challenges. He said that elimination of corruption, accountability and welfare of the people of the country was the topmost priority of the incumbent Government. He said we have to work together for progress and prosperity of the country. He urged upon the participants of the course to perform their duties as national obligations.

On this occasion the Executive Director PIPS Zafarullah Khan addressing the ceremony and informed the participants about objectives and aims of the course and steps taken by the PIPS for capacity building of Parliamentary staff and Parliamentarians. He said that this training programme was designed keeping in view intellectual and professional challenges faced by the parliamentary functionaries in performing parliamentary business. He said that the officers from National Assembly, Senate of Pakistan, Balochistan Assembly, Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Assembly and Legislative Assemblies of AJK and Gilgit Baltistan were participating in the course. 

NA Deputy Speaker condole the death of Dr. Saling Khan Achakzai - October 16, 2018

Mentally Insane People Deserve Special Attention of Society. NA Deputy Speaker - October 2, 2018

Islamabad 2, October 2018:  The Deputy Speaker National Assembly Qasim Khan Suri has said that provision of better health facilities to the masses is the top priority of the incumbent Government  and Special National Task Force has been constituted to attain this task.  He said that the people suffering from mental illness and depression were needed special attention of the society. He expressed these views while talking to the participants of International Diploma on Mental Health Law and Human Rights organized by Department of Psychology of International Islamic University Islamabad who called on him on Tuesday in Parliament House. 
The Deputy Speaker has said that disease of depression and mental illness was increasing rapidly and main causes of this disease was social injustices, violence, abuses and terrorism.   Eulogizing the efforts of International Islamic University for organizing Diploma Course on Mental Health and Human rights he said that mental health was major problem now a days and to avoid the children to become prey of depression awareness about it should be initiated at school level.  He said that the doctors and experts relating to mental diseases were doing noble cause.   He said that mentally upset people were more vulnerable segment of the society and even their family members neglect them.  However, these people deserve special attention and affection.  He said that our little attention can make these people valuable citizen of the society.  He urged upon the doctors to give special attention to mentally depressed people. He assured the participants his all-out  support  for  enactment of law regarding mental health.  He asked the participants to give their suggestion in written for formulating laws regarding mental health, their suggestions will be sent to Ministry of Health for preparation of Bill to submit in the National Assembly.  He also appreciated the efforts of Dr. Ahsan Naveed President Insaf Sehat Programme.
                On this occasion Vice President and Chairman Psychology Department of International Islamic University Professor Dr. Tahir Khalil thanked the Deputy Speaker.  He said that we have the experts in the field of psychology however the services level are not up to the standard as it should be.  He said that this Diploma Course was organized for restoration of that segment of the society which was even ignored by their family members. He said that there is need amendments in the Ordinance, 2001 about mental health. He urged the need for enactment of mental health Act.

The Ambassador of Japan calls on Deputy Speaker - September 13, 2018

Japanese Ambassador Calls Deputy Speaker National Assembly - September 13, 2018

lamabad September 13, 2018:  The Deputy Speaker National Assembly Muhammad Qasim Khan Suri has said that Pakistan values high its relations with Japan and wanted to further strengthening the existing relations through enhance Parliamentary and economic cooperation.  He expressed these views while talking to Ambassador of Japan  Mr. Takashi Kurai  who called on him at Parliament House on Thursday.
             The Deputy Speaker welcomed the Ambassador and said that Pakistan and Japan enjoyed decades long friendly relations.  He said that incumbent Government in Pakistan wanted to work closely with Japan to expand bilateral cooperation in all areas particularly in trade, investment , economic and human development.  He appreciated the assistance of Japan in economic  and social sectors in Pakistan.  He said that present elimination of poverty, unemployment, backwardness , corruption and lessen burden foreign debt was the top priority of the incumbent Government.  He said that assistance of friendly countries needed to accomplish social and economic agenda of the Government.  He said that Japanese nation is resilient nation and after 2nd World War combated difficult circumstances steadfastly.
            He Said that Balochistan is economic gateway of Pakistan and     opulent with natural resources.  He said that ample opportunities of investment exist in Balochistan from which Japanese investors can be benefitted and asked the Ambassador to persuade the Japanese investors to take advantage from these opportunities.  He said that scarcity of water is a big problem in Balochistan at present and Japan should come forward to resolve this problem which will be token of goodwill to the people of Baluchistan.  He said that human resource development is top priority of present Government and sought the support  in education sectors and vocational training.  He also expressed grief and sorrow over the losses of precious and properties lives in recent earthquake in Japan.
            The Ambassador of Japan Mr. Takashi Kurai  appreciating the sentiments of  the Deputy Speaker regarding Japan he said that his Government also desired to work closely with Pakistan.    He congratulated him on assuming the office of Deputy Speaker.  He said that Japan and Pakistan have a long history of economic and development cooperation and his Government wanted to strengthen the bilateral relations.  He appreciated the policies of present Government and assured the Deputy Speaker to continue the support of his Government in social and economic sectors.

Ambassador Of China Calls On Deputy Speaker NA - September 10, 2018

Islamabad September 10, 2018:  Ambassador of China Mr. Yao Ging called on Deputy Speaker National Assembly Muhammad Qasim Khan Suri at Islamabad on Monday.  The matters related bilateral relations and important regional and international issued were discussed in the meeting.

The Deputy Speaker said that Pakistan and China enjoyed exemplary friendship and both the countries stood with each other in every thick and thin.  He said that Pak-China relations based on strong foundation of mutual respect and trust.  He said that relations with China was bedrock of Pakistan’s foreign policy.  He said that China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Project is a game changer for regional development.  He said that this project will enhance economic activities and generate employment opportunities in region.  He said that Pakistan is fully committed for early completion of this project.  He appreciated the keen interest of China in socio-economics development in Pakistan.  The eradication of poverty, illiteracy and unemployment was the top agenda of incumbent Government.  He said that the cooperation of friends countries like China is needed to accomplish this agenda.  He said that the leaderships of both the counties committed to further strengthening the bilateral relations and have shared vision of progress and development of the region.  He underlined the need for regular interaction between the Parliamentarians of both the countries to further strengthening bilateral relations.

Ambassador of China Mr. Yao Ging has said that Pakistan and China are ironed brother and all weather strategic partners.  He said that Pakistan have an extra ordinary importance in China’s Strategic Calculation.  He said that Pakistan and China have shared vision for regional, peace and development manifested in unanimous support for CEPC.  He said that China was taking keen interest in progress and development of Balochistan and various development projects with the cooperation of China were in progress in the Province for this purpose.  He remarked that China will continue to support Pakistan in technology, infrastructure development and exploration of renewable energy resources.

NA Deputy Speaker Expresses Grave Concern Over Off Loading Of Hujjaj Ikram from Balochistan at Karachi Instead Of Quetta - September 6, 2018

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