Last Updated On: 17th January 2020, 08:29 PM
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The National Assembly Session has been prorogued on Wednesday, the 15th January, 2020 Committee Meetings:10:00 AM: The 13th meeting (in-camera) and visit of the Parliamentary Committee on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) at Chief Ministers Secretariat Karachi | 11:00 AM: Industries and Production (Revised) at Committee Room No. 7 | 11:00 AM: 15th Meeting of the Sub-Committee-VIII of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) at Committee Room No. 2, Parliament House, Islamabad | 01:00 PM: Meetings of the Sub-Committee-XVI of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) at Committee Room No. 2 | 02:00 PM: Information and Broadcasting (Revised) at Committee Room No.7 | 03:00 PM: Meetings of the Sub-Committee-XI of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) (Revised) at Committee Room No. 2 | 04:00 PM: 12th Meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on appointment of the Chief Election Commissioner and Members of the Election Commission of Pakistan (in-camera) at Constitution Room |


Information Technology and Telecommunication

S.No. Name Party Contact No./Email Constituency # Picture
1. Mr. Ali Khan Jadoon (Chairman)   PTI   0345-8522234, 0322-8522234 NA-16    
2. Sahibzada Sibghatullah  PTI  0944-884005, 0313-8802230, 0343-8802230 NA-5   
3. Mr. Sher Ali Arbab  PTI  0300-8559383, 091-9239222, 091-5845089 NA-30   
4. Malik Sohail Khan  PML-N  N/A NA-56   
5. Mr. Ali Gohar Khan  PML-N  0300-8666777 NA-103   
6. Makhdoom Zain Hussain Qureshi  PTI  N/A NA-157   
7. Mr. Muhammad Abdul Ghafar Wattoo  PTI  0300-7580567, 0300-4124341 NA-166   
8. Sardar Muhammad Khan Laghari  PTI  0300-8463400 NA-192    
9. Mr. Mahesh Kumar Malani  PPPP  0333-2645456 NA-222   
10. Mr. Muhammad Aslam Khan  PTI  0321-2012244 NA-254    
11. Syed Mehmood Shah  MMAP  0300-2342487 NA-267    
12. Mr. Muhammad Hashim Notezai  BNP  0332-8000742 NA-268    
13. Ms. Aysha Rajab Ali  PML-N  N/A RS (Women)   
14. Ms. Naz Baloch  PPPP  N/A RS (Women)   
15. Ms. Shamim Ara Panhwar  PPPP  N/A RS (Women)   
16. Ms. Romina Khurshid Alam  PML-N  N/A RS (Women)   
17. Ms. Nusrat Wahid  PTI  N/A RS (Women)   
18. Ms. Maiza Hameed  PML-N  N/A RS (Women)   
19. Ms. Javaria Zafar Aheer  PTI  N/A RS (Women)   
20. Ms. Kanwal Shauzab  PTI  N/A RS (Women)   
21. (Minister In-charge)   N/A Ex-Officio Member