Last Updated On: 22nd November 2014, 03:50 PM
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The National Assembly Session has been prorogued on Friday, the 31st October, 2014


Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage

S.No. Name Party Phone Constituency # Picture
1. Marvi Memon (Chairperson)   PML(N) RS (Women)    
2. Dr. Muhammad Azhar Khan Jadoon  PTI  0321-9842007 NA-17   
3. Mr Murad Saeed  PTI  0345-9118976 NA-29   
4. Mr Muhammad Tallal Chaudry  PML(N)  0300-8666651 NA-76   
5. Mian Muhammad Farooq  PML(N)  0300-7215200 NA-80   
6. Ms Ghulam Bibi Bharwana  PML(N)  N/A NA-88   
7. Waseem Akhtar Shaikh  PML(N)  0492-722088-0300-6599399 NA-139   
8. Tahir Iqbal Ch  PML(N)  0300-7729347 NA-169    
9. Syed Amir Ali Shah Jamote  PPPP  0300-3078687 NA-221   
10. Imran Zafar Leghari  PPPP  0321-5555541 NA-233   
11. Zeb Jaffar  PML(N)  N/A RS (Women)   
12. Parveen Masood Bhatti  PML(N)  N/A RS (Women)   
13. Naeema Kishwar Khan  JUI-F  N/A RS (Women)   
14. Saman Sultana Jafri  MQM  N/A RS (Women)   
15. Leila Khan  PML(N)  N/A RS (Women)   
16. Arifa Khalid Parvez  PML(N)  N/A RS (Women)   
17. Marriyum Aurangzeb  PML(N)  N/A RS (Women)   
18. Mrs. Belum Hasnain  PPPP  N/A RS (Women)   
19. (Minister In-charge)   N/A Ex-officio Member