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The National Assembly Session has been prorogued on Friday, the 19th November, 2021 Committee Meetings:11:00 AM: 17th meeting of the SC on Oversease Pakistanis and Human Resource Development at Old PIPS Hall, Parliament Lodges | 11:00 AM: 13th meeting of the SC on Narcotics Control at Kohsar Bloc, Pak-Secretariat Islamabad | 12:00 PM: Parliamentary Committee on National Security (Revised) at Committee Room No. 2 | 12:00 PM: 4th meeting of the Sub-Committee of the SC on Power at Committee Room of HESCO, WAPDA Office Complex, Hussain Abad HESCO Headquarter, Hyderabad | 02:00 PM: Economic Affairs Division at Committee Room No. 7 | 02:00 PM: 29th meeting of the SC on Information & Broadcasting at Committee Room of PTV Headquarters, Islamabad |


Cabinet Secretariat

S.No. Name Party Contact No./Email Constituency # Picture
1. Ms. Kishwar Zehra (Chairperson)   MQMP   --- RS (Women)    
2. Mr. Saleem Rehman  PTI  0946-722335, 0333-9279679 NA-3   
3. Mr. Mohsin Dawar  Ind  0345-9111956 NA-48   
4. Mr. Ali Nawaz Awan  PTI  051-9201401,051-9203245,0336-3067025,0300-9772033 NA-53   
5. Mr. Tahir Sadiq  PTI  0321-5738416, 0592-702031 NA-55   
6. Mr. Muhammad Asim Nazir  PTI  041-8783681-83, 0300-8666666 NA-101   
7. Mr. Rasheed Ahmad Khan  PML-N  0300-6599700, 0323-8566666 NA-138   
8. Mr. Ahmad Raza Maneka  PML-N  0300-8452073 NA-145   
9. Rana Iradat Sharif Khan  PML-N  051-9212892, 0345-8446949 NA-146   
10. Mr. Raza Rabani Khar  PPPP  0343-2222233 NA-183    
11. Mr. Aamir Talal Gopang  PTI  0321-2222174 NA-186    
12. Mr. Khawja Sheraz Mehmood  PTI  0335-6023866 NA-189    
13. Mr. Roshanuddin Junejo  PPPP  0235-475184,051-9212749 NA-217   
14. Mir Ghulam Ali Talpur  PPPP  0333-2600721 NA-229   
15. Mr. Muhammad Aslam Khan  PTI  0321-2012244 NA-254    
16. Syed Mehmood Shah  MMAP  0300-2342487 NA-267    
17. Mr. Muhammad Hashim Notezai  BNP  0332-8000742 NA-268    
18. Ms. Uzma Riaz  PTI  N/A RS (Women)   
19. Ms. Shahnaz Saleem Malik  PML-N  N/A RS (Women)   
20. Ms. Seema Mohiuddin Jameeli  PML-N  N/A RS (Women)   
21. (Minister In-charge)   N/A Ex-Officio Member